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The conservation of the earth and what we can do to halt and alter the destructive time-bomb we have started, is the most pressing item on the global agenda, mostly because young people have put it there.

With future generations reminding us of our duty to them to sustain what we have, suggestions are being made for how each one of us can play our part. In addition to reducing waste and emissions, recycling and restoring, the conservation of our wildlife both animal and plant, is key. “There is no Planet B(ee)” read the placards at a recent extinction rebellion march.

One third of all the earth’s food as well as cotton and other essential materials, come through bees, yet with each year we reduce the earth’s bee population through the destruction of plant life and pollution. In addition, the average bee-keeper is of retirement age.

The International Centre for Young Bee Keepers (ICYB) was set up by Jiri Piza in response to this and to promoting bee-keeping as a fun and worthwhile hobby amongst younger generations. Ten years ago, the International 5-day meeting (IMYB) was established to create links and form bonds across the languages and cultures of children with similar interests.  More than a competition, the meeting creates a space where children with this unique hobby can interact.

Bowled Over are the media partners for the IMYB and ICYB and are creating a a television series for the international market to encourage young people globally into bee-keeping, recording the experience of young bee-keepers from every continent in their own country and as they unite for the competition.

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